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Why ?? “Random Random On The Wall”

1. Hi, i’m your secret admirer. I think about you everyday, i’ve been stalking your social media for few months. And I think is the best way I can communicate with you without revealing my indentity. Can you say something to motivate me? I adore you very much <3

Hee seriously? Lol i don’t have any words but i’ve a fav quote that make me to try hard and hard again. Yesterday is history, today is a gift, tomorrow is mystery. Never complain about everything that happened today. It will make you stronger and stronger!

2. Oh thankyou very much !! 🙂 but you know what? I gain a lot of courage only by thinking about you

You are very welcome! I have crush 🙂

3. really? 🙁 but it’s okay. i’ll will still adimiring you. always. but, could you please tell me when your heart not belongs to anyone? i will wait untli that time comes 🙂

Yes, but i don’t know if she likes me or not. About telling you.. Err hard question isn’t it?

4. ah right. maybe you can jus’t write it on your wordpress so i can read it. i’ll wait.

Uhh ok ok, just remind me hohohoho. Feel free to ask me anytime, anywhere.

5. Hi , it’s me again just want to ask , are you doing well ?

Yes i am, you too?


Chotto matte kudasai! Ini orang bikin gue penasaran! Dan ini pas gue lagi di luar nerima pesan beginian, gue hampir nabrak trolley orang, anak orang, dagangan orang, iPad orang loh! Bikin penasaran deh, but it’s internet, maybe she’s pusheen? O.O

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