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GPT and MBR, you made my day.

Yes, i’m right here. I’m facing some problem with my lovely notebook. After installing Hackintosh Mountain Lion, no, it’s still run perfectly. The story started when i updated it to Mavericks. No, that still not a problem. Because i only didn’t get QE/CI on it.

This started when i’m i broke boot sequence on my GPT Partition and Accidentally use Windows 8.1 RTM (i didn’t get any key from MSDNAA because i didn’t get any email from it) and some KMS didn’t work and some IP blocked by my ISP. Oh man, really?!

GPT is Guid Partition Table. I don’t know much about it. The only thing i got from searching is, you must use GPT if you have Hard drive with 2 TB / higher space and your motherboard support UEFI. And i know how to install Windows on GPT. Make 3 goddamn partition, MSR, EFI, Primary, and all i know is EFI is like bootloader. Yeah, i need to explore it more but i don’t have time for it.

I made GPT Partition when try to install hackintosh because Apple things, yeah you know about “Apple”. If i’m not wrong, Linux-ubuntu using the same thing for dual boot. So you made another type of partition inside partition (CMIIW). So you have ubuntu bootloader and MBR partition in 1 hard drive. Unlike dualboot windows, 1 MBR, 2 OS. 

Back again to hackintosh, even i’m using EasyBCD it will not work or it will messed hackintosh bootloader. And i don’t know if i can extend/shrink partition with hackintosh. Because it’s impossible to do in Windows (on GPT) even i’m using 3rd party programs and it will destroy that partition. 

I don’t want to convert my GPT to MBR because i’m afraid, i will destroy whole partition and i have a trauma with Hard drive partitioning things. On 2010, my hard drive become RAW because blackout in my house. Yeah, maybe this is Formatphobia lol.

Yeah, see you next friday !


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