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Gag Pics: 50-90 Rules


Hayo, do you know the meaning of that pic?
50% Right but another 40% inside that “right” is wrong.

Beli permen 50% salah karena merusak gigi
50% benar karena enak tapi 40% nya mengakibatkan duit abis. Jadi gara2 itu, gigi rusak lalu duit abis mengakibAtkan kedokter gigi dan duit habis lalu gigi rusak.

50% is right because that candy is delicious but another 50% makes you get toothache then another 40% makes you lost your money for spending it then voila! You got toothache then you go to dentist anddddddddd you don’t have anything in your pocket then another toothache. Bad decision huh?

Notes: penjelasan tersebut adalah hanya jokes gak lucu or this isn’t funny jokes.

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