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RF Babel 101: Survival Guide – Leveling

Let’s talk about RF, this awsome online games make you addicted LOL. So let me write the guide about leveling in RF Babel 2.2.4 and this is the fastest one !

Leveling Zone:
1-45: Your HQ, Your Settlement, Armory, Stockade
46-50: Battle Dungeon 45-60 (with lvl 55 strikerand tanker)
, Elan Plateau
50-58: Battle Dungeon 45-60 (with tanker), Beast Mountain (Red Haired Splinter, Tyrant Lizard and Thunder Lizard)
58-62: Outcast Plain (Naroom Fort: Naroom Captain)
62-67: Sacred Belphegore (Volcanic Couldron 2)
67-80: Elf Hidden Land / Elven (with tanker and stunner 67+)
72-80: The best choice for solo carrier: Novajan or Outcast Land 2

Another area: Elf sky land cave (70+) with metal elf assassin

For armor:
Just collect Game Point (GP) from votes in game control panel.
50: Just bought 50 armor
55/60: Sharp Intense Armor (Shoes+4 Mercy, Gloves+4 Darkness) (Keep this armor, don’t ever you sell it xD)
Solo Carrier Outcast Land 2 / Novajan: Dragon Armor 70+4 (Shoes+4 Mercy, Gloves+4 Grace and Favor(this is optional))

But if you want to save GP, you can leveling together in elven 😀 (in case, you want to buy Dragon Armor 80)

Elementals from Pitboss xD

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